Hi! I'm Molly, a Midwestern painter from Wisconsin.

Registered Nurse by day, artist by night. When I’m not painting in my little art nook, I’m at work as a nurse on a cardiac unit here in Chicago. Caring for my patients over the years has led me to see the beauty in everyday life — a beauty that, no matter how fleeting, is always awe-inspiring, intrinsic, healing. 

Days well spent on the lake at the cottage. Time with old friends. The feeling after a long run. Just a few of the things that bring beauty to my life. Over this past year, I’ve manifested an urge to reveal an expressive side of myself that I’ve suppressed — even from myself — for too long. My paintings are an extension of the most intimate part of me, and I’m finally ready to share this piece of myself with all of you.

My paintings strip the superficial and highlight the organic beauty in life's imperfections. See life in a whole different color, dimension, shape. My work is here to offer a sense of peace in times of growth and change. The unknown can be intimidating, whatever your age. My latest series The New Women of Chicago hits close to home as I, a woman in her 20s, am embracing the unknown — as terrified as I am and allowing myself to  grow as a person through the challenges of life. My art is here to provide connection — I hope it serves as sense of comfort in finding your authentic self.

I’d love to connect with you! shoot me a message on instagram, I can’t wait to chat.